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Consumer products and retail industry is one of the lucrative markets in the whole world but it has its own set of challenges. Whether it is about rising cost, slow growth or other, achieving sustainable performance improvement requires innovative strategies, perspective, and perseverance. Moreover, educated and digitally savvy consumers pushing companies towards customization, transparency and tailored delivery. Further, the digitalization of everything has given birth to unrivalled opportunities and threats to the world’s Retailers and Consumer Product companies. Consumer products and retail companies need to balance conflicting challenges. Brand name and private label manufacturers must create innovative products and packaging design, as well as address the demands of compliance, sustainability, supply chain complexity, industrial productivity, rising commodity costs, and changing customer needs. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution can address these challenges and assist enterprises in taking smarter and better decisions for the creation of better products.


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Reverse Engineering & Industrial Design

Indian consumer goods industry is coming of age. Apart from a lot of collaborations in this domain, products are being localised to suit the Indian conditions and Indian consumer taste. Industrial designers in these companies depend on Reverse Engineering and Industrial design tools that 3D Engineering brings to this industry segment through its strategic partnerships.

Plant Design & Simulation

Consumer goods have a vast variety of product configurations. The product chosen by the choosy customers can be different from the features it carries, to its colors. The market also has peak consumer demands on festive seasons such as Diwali, Dussehra, Eid , Christmas etc. To manage the production efficiencies of a manufacturing plant, solutions in through put analysis and optimization that 3D Engineering brings from its partners would be of great help to the consumer industry.

Additive Manufacturing

Most designs that look good and even tested for its performance and safety still need to be seen and felt before they are launched in the market. 3D Engineering brings a range of plastic and metal printing machines that help consumer durable manufacturers make functional prototypes that can be tested for the user experience before their launch.

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