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Siemens Digital Industries Software Training Calendar


Explore the Power of NX, Solidedge, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix

Everything you need to know to instantly start designing and programming in NX.
Each training session will be conducted by our industry experts and shall be of 2 hrs. duration.


Basic Design

23rd Jan’23 -25th Jan’23

Surface Modeling Processes

30th Jan’23 – 31st Jan’23


Industrial Design and Realize Shape

1st Feb’23 – 3rd Feb’23

Solid Edge Basic Design

6th Feb’23 – 8th Feb’23

Advance Assemblies

9th Feb’23 -10th Feb’23

WAVE top-down design

13th Feb’23 -14th Feb’23

NX CAM – 3 Axis

15th Feb’23 -17th Feb’23

NX CAM 5- Axis

20th Feb’23 -22nd Feb’23

Mold Wizard Fundamental

22nd Feb’23 -24th Feb’23

Solid Edge Wiring & Harness Design

27th Feb’23 – 28th Feb’23

Turbomachinery and other Multi-axis options

27th Feb’23 – 28th Feb’23


Solid Edge Motion & Simulation

1st Mar’23 –2nd Mar’23

Tecnomatix: Identify Process Simulate Basics

13th Mar’23 -14th Mar’23

Model Based Definition using PMI

15th Mar’23 -16th Mar’23

Teamcenter User Overview

20th Mar’23 –21st Mar’23

Creating Reusable Data using NX

22nd Mar’23 –23rd Mar’23

Solid Edge Model Based Definition (MBD)

24th Mar’23

Tecnomatix : Setup and perform Process Simulate virtual commissioning (VC)

27th Mar’23 -28th Mar’23

Mechatronics Fundamentals

29th Mar’23 -31st Mar’23

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NX CAM Webinar

High Productivity Manufacturing

with NX CAM

20th Feb’23 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


          • NX CAM Advantage
          • What’s new in 2212
          • Toolpath Optimization
          • Feature Based Machining
          • Advanced programming capabilities
          • Feature Based Machining
          • Integrated Simulation & Verification
          • Introducing Value Based Licensing
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Manufacturing Excellence for NX

Mold & Die Machining

27th Feb’23 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


  • Transform your Mold and Die machining using advanced CAM software
  • Manufacture Mold Inserts with Excellent Finish
  • Program Mold Bases Automatically
  • Speed Up Electrode Manufacturing
  • Streamline NC Programming of Die Faces & Structures
  • Use Precise and Efficient Wire EDM
  • Introducing Value Based Licensing


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NX for Manufacturing

Transform Your Manufacturing with a Digital Machine Shop

6th Mar’23 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


  • Standardize Manufacturing with a Master Model
  • Drive Manufacturing Processes Using PMI
  • Accelerate Part Model Preparation
  • Digitally transform part production using NX for Manufacturing
    a) Additive Manufacturing
    b) CAM software
    c) Design tools for part Manufacturers
    d) Part Quality Control
    e) Robotic Automation
    f) Tool & Fixture Design
  • Introducing Value Based Licensing


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