Technology: Laser sintering


Laser sintering is a generative layer manufacturing technology. Any 3D geometry can be built effectively and flexibly, without any tools or laborious milling path. As a prerequisite, 3D CAD geometry data has to be available. During production, the 3D CAD model is sliced up into layers. EOS’s innovative laser – sintering technology then builds the required geometry layer by layer The energy of Laser solidifies power-based materials example – plastic, metal or foundry sand. The laser – sintering process allows for the production of several different parts in one single build job.

Additive Manufacturing: http://www.eos.info/additive_manufacturing


Laser-sintering enables a rethinking in production development and production. Its is a departure from tool-based, inflexible technologies in favor of generative, flexible methods. Laser-sintering is a production method particularly for industries that no longer need to produce a large volume of identical parts. With laser – sintering, you can react flexibly to market requirements in product development as well as in production. You can create individualized products or implement a decentralized manufacturing strategy. This helps you reacting quickly and locally to customer demands


The name EOS is synonymous with e-Manufacturing – the fast, flexible and cost effective production directly from electronic data. This concept can help your company increase its competitive advantage – in all phases of the product life cycle

Product concept – think impossible. You can get it

Product development – Reduce time and expense

Production – Produce whatever the customer requires, as often as he wants

Business model – Offer individual products in decentralized production facilities

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