Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

NX-CAM As the world leader in computer-aided manufacturing, Siemens PLM software helps companies meet the challenge with leading edge solutions. More than point solutions for discrete production tasks, the NX suite of manufacturing software links design and manufacturing to improve productivity throughout tooling and fixture design and NC machining processes.

Advanced technology in NX tooling solutions automates and accelerates the development of molds, dies, and fixtures for higher quality, lower cost and faster turnaround. For machining, NX delivers the range and depth of CAM performance that maximizes returns on investments in advanced machine tools. Linked with proven data and process controls, NX helps companies manage information to improve productivity and collaboration in manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing companies are primarily driven by shorter product development cycles. Constant innovation and modification in design require more and faster development of numerical control programs, molds, and tools and dies required to manufacture the product. The complexity of tools and processes used in manufacturing is increased due to the rapid changes in technology and new methodologies adopted are bridging the gap between design and manufacturing operations.

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