Design for the entire product lifecycle

NX-CAD Manufacturing and engineering industries are always driven by increasing pressure to manufacture innovatiave products in short duration whilst delivering quality. Even with a seasoned 3D CAD technology, not many companies have been successful in improving design processes, the benefits of reduced costs and shorter cycle times are not visible.

The design process is the igniting spark of the product lifecycle transforming the product development -right from simulation and analysis through tooling design, manufacturing, assembly, service and support.

Next-generation design technology

Product development has taken a step ahead with NX as it delivers next-generation design tools and technologies. . Leading-edge design tools work in the context of the total development effort, fully integrating design with the other disciplines that bring products to market in a unified, managed environment.

NX design tools are superior in power, versatility, flexibility and productivity. From innovative Synchronous Technology that unites parametric and history-free modeling to NX Active Mockup for multi-CAD assembly design, NX delivers breakthrough technology that set new standards for speed, performance, and ease of use.

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