• Computational Fluid Dynamics is a numerical solutions methodology to solve governing equations of fluid flow. Fluid flow equations, in most practical situations, tend to be highly nonlinear and require specialized numerical techniques depending on the dominating physics (compressible flows, viscous flows, reactions, presence of fluids in gaseous and liquid phase etc.)

  • ANSYS has been in the business of developing specialized CFD Solvers for almost last four decades and has developed one of the worlds’ most comprehensive CFD solution available today. Rapid advances in high performance computing and next generation software technologies have been utilized to their highest potential in these solvers.

  • Our solvers, mesh and geometry generation and post processing solutions provide the users an extremely detailed understanding of the underlying flow phenomenon. This understanding can help you develop the products faster, predict their performance accurately and give you an edge against your competition.

  • Over last few years ANSYS has been at the forefront of making CFD solutions more accessible to engineering designers along with the traditional analysts and scientists. This is enabling the designers to anticipate issues early in product development cycle there by reducing costs and time to market.


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