• Advances in electronics has affected every aspect of engineering industry. Automation and modern control systems are the heart of engineering operations now. Sensors and communication systems are driving what is being commonly called as “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

  • Over last decade or so ANSYS has built a very strong portfolio of products for Electromagnetic, Electronics, Thermal & Electromechanical Simulation.

  • ANSYS electromagnetic field simulation helps users design next generation electrical and electronic products faster and within budgets. Performance electronics and advanced electrification systems is affected by electromagnetic fields on circuits and those effects need to be accounted for. ANSYS has solutions to simulate electromagnetic performance across component, circuit and system design scale, and the thermal management tool can evaluate temperature. Vibration and other critical mechanical effects can also be modelled with traditional structural mechanics tools. The electromagnetic-centric design flow helps you achieve first-pass system design success for advanced communication systems, high-speed electronic devices, electromechanical components and power electronics systems.

  • The key solutions in this segment are as follows.

    • ANSYS Electronics Desktop


    • ANSYS Icepak

    • ANSYS Maxwell

    • ANSYS Q3D Extractor

    • ANSYS SIwave


Siemens PLM Ansys EOS

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