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  • Consumer products and retail companies face new challenges every day: rising costs, slow growth and technology-enabled shoppers to name a few. Achieving sustainable performance improvement requires innovative strategies, perspective and perseverance.

  • Consumer product and retail supply chains are being driven by consumer demands more than ever, with educated and digitally savvy consumers pressing companies toward customization, transparency and tailored delivery.

  • The Consumer Products and Retail sectors are undergoing one of the most profound paradigm shifts since the beginning of modern commerce. The digitalization of everything, from interaction through to shopping, through to products, and through to channels, has meant unrivalled opportunities and threats to the world’s Retailers and Consumer Product companies.

  • Consumer products and retail companies need to balance conflicting challenges. Brand name and private label manufacturers must create innovative products and packaging design, as well as address the demands of compliance, sustainability, supply chain complexity, industrial productivity, rising commodity costs, and changing customer needs. Product lifecycle management (PLM) addresses these challenges, so that you can make smarter decisions and create better products.

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Consumer Products & Retails