Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters enhances hydraulic design simulation with help of Siemens PLM Software.

Shrinking time-to-market,
In 1993, NHIndustries, mainly owned  by the Eurocopter group (now Airbus Helicopters), started to design the NH90, a medium-sized military helicopter. Thirteen years later, it entered service.The pace of technological change has increased so rapidly and the competition has become so fierce that helicopter manu-facturers usually have no more than four years to develop their most sophisticated models. As a result, manufacturers must make better design choices and validate systems integration early in the design pro-cess, using modeling all along the V-cycle.

In addition, rotorcraft manufacturers must provide their customers with reliable pilot training solutions. However, flight simula-tors must often be delivered before the first helicopter is produced. The level D full flight simulator (FFS), which is the current standard with comprehensive high-fidelity aerodynamic and systems modeling,is increasingly being requested, most recently for the Eurocopter EC175, Airbus Helicopters’ new medium-sized twin-engine helicopter.


Automotive supplier uses NX in all phases of the product lifecycle to increase market share by 11 percent

Emphasizing design Euroform is a familiar brand to numerous suppliers in the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1993 in Hungary, and since then it has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of tools for plastic injection molded parts, serving markets in Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland and South Korea. Euroform designs and manufactures an average of 150 to 170 different molding tools annually.With a strong presence in a number of sec- tors, including home applicances, Euroform thrives in the automotive industry, design-ing and manufacturing tools for the produc- tion of acoustic housings, air intake systems, pedals, glass enclosures, housing elements, chassis shock absorbers and bellows. Its products are molded parts that weigh anywhere from 5 grams to 5 kilograms.


Leading plant and process automation firm uses Mechatronics Concept Designer to develop flexible packaging machines for the cosmetics industry

Siemens PLM Software solution enables Festo to reduce development time by up to 30 percent.Delivering flexible transport solutions When cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Kurt Wolff wants to fill up his Alpecin bottles by an extra 20 percent as a small holiday bonus for his customers, he no longer needs to stop the production line for retooling. Thanks to the Multi-Carrier-System (MCS®) developed jointly by Festo and Siemens PLM Software, it is now possible at the touch of a button.

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Groupe Brandt enables multisite development collaboration with NX and Teamcenter

NX CAD: a fast, flexible and efficient design solution In 2011, the company decided to migrate all of its sites to a single CAD tool.(Historically, Brandt had used Solid Edge® software in France, while Fagor used I-deas™ software in Spain.) The company chose NX as its integrated design and engineering solution.“Our platforms – washing machines, hotplates, ovens, and others – are entirely modeled in 3D,” says Daniel Mancini.“During the design phase, users benefit from the integrated assembly and digital modeling functionalities of NX. The 3D models are then used for various purposes: extraction of 2D drawings for mold and tool makers; design of sheet metal parts, integrating information on materials and fabrication; assembly instructions for operators; direct display of 3D parts by the after-sales service operations; and use of computer-generated images for marketing videos. In all, this represents no less than 60,000 3D and 2D CAD files.”

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Inocean : Offshore oil vessel specialist advances agility, innovation and business goals with NX and Teamcenter

Inocean designs some of the most extreme and large seagoing vessels for the world’s harshest marine environments using Siemens PLM Software solutions.Challenging the Arctic Sea From underdog to major player, Inocean is now developing complex drilling and float-ing production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels for companies operating in oceans all over the world.


Nascent oil and gas industry equipment supplier enjoys early success

Olvondo Industries uses NX to help construct, test and produce advanced equipment.There is no room for error in the  North Sea Extracting oil and gas from the North Sea is an expensive and challenging proposi-tion. Oil platform equipment that is tough enough to operate in the North Sea is the definition of heavy machinery. Olvondo Industries AS, a newcomer with a long his-tory, designs and manufactures this kind of heavy machinery.

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Creating perceptible differences that drive top-line growth

PLM technology supplies the framework for innovation on a global scale.someone, somewhere in the world,chooses a Unilever product. Unilever’s brand portfolio spans 14 categories of home, personal care and food products and includes world favorites such as Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Omo. The company employs 179,000 people in 100 countries worldwide. Its products are sold in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Africa in roughly equal distribution.Innovation is critical to sustaining Unilever’s growth. “We see product innovation as one of the key drivers of  top-line growth,” says Huw Evans, R&D director of information in Unilever’s Home and Personal Care Division.

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Driving competitive advantage through PLM

NX and Teamcenter help Wright achieve innovation, speed and compliance goals.Commitment to medical breakthroughs in orthopaedics Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (Wright) is a global orthopaedic medical device company special izing in the design, manu-facture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics. Wright’s prod-uct offerings include large joint implants for the hip and knee; extremity implants for the hand, elbow, shoulder, foot and ankle; and both synthetic and tissue- based bone graft substitute materials. Headquartered in Arlington, Tennessee, USA, the company has been in business for more than 50 years, employs approx-imately 1,000 and is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol “WMGI.”


Lean initiative revolutionizes new product development at Liming Aero-Engine

Liming Aero-Engine’s mission is to transform itself into a lean enterprise that combines new thinking and values with advanced information technology.Siemens was a clear choice as our PLM
partner based on its best-in-class, open solutions and its commitment to supporting customers in China.”


NPO Saturn achieves record-breaking development time for the SaM146 engine using Siemens PLM Software technologies

Prototype testing stages eliminated and program costs significantly trimmed as engine development time is cut by 50 percent.Siemens PLM Software’s products featured several benefits.First, we needed extensive design functionality, and in many aspects the NX product development solution was a perfect fit. Second, it was important to integrate Siemens PLM Software’s products with the products of other vendors. For example, at the time, Snecma was already a prospective partner for the SaM 146 engine development, and Snecma used other software. Finally, Siemens PLM Software’s technologies were very costcompetitive.


Pilatus substantially improves productivity, shortens development cycle time and lowers total ownership cost

Using a comprehensive PLM solution, with Teamcenter and NX as the centerpieces, Pilatus integrates its total enterprise, enabling the sale of “aircraft and training systems on every continent”“The use of Teamcenter supports our management of the entire process and fulfills all requirements of our customers and authorities. Our tight control and best practices would not be possible anymore without using Teamcenter.”“ With the tools of Siemens PLM Software, we integrate all departments into the design process early-on.”


Steelville Manufacturing Aerospace machine shop uses NX CAM with VoluMill plug-in to significantly enhance productivity

When we learned that VoluMill was available as an NX plug-in, we were very enthusiastic and switched to it right away. It is much easier to use the NX interface than the standalone Universal interface. Not only does it allow us to eliminate all the duplication and file translation, but the integration of the VoluMill roughing cuts in the NX operation navigator and uncut material tracking are saving lots of programming time. Having the toolpath that we want in the NX environment amplifies the benefit that we’re getting from the VoluMill roughing. By combining the best toolpaths from VoluMill with the comprehensive pro-gramming environment of NX CAM, Steelville Manufacturing is enjoying significant productivity gains and truly getting the best of both worlds. Boosted productivity by integrating software systems, Decreased programming time by up to 50 percent.


Right products, right market, right time

“The ultimate measure of the success of Chery’s PLM solution is increased market share and customer satisfaction, both of which have been occurring since the PLM implementation began.” Unexpected benefits of PLM include a refinement of the product development process, greater modularity in designs permitting increased part re-use, and acceptance and leveraging of PLM by other departments within the enterprise.


Daelim Motors strengthens product competitiveness with Siemens PLM Software solutions

After adopting Teamcenter, Daelim Motors could take advantage of the most current computer operating systems to realize significant improvements in performance, including 15 to 50 times faster response for typical tasks. The Teamcenter PLM solution upgraded the effectiveness of our design and manufacturing, and raised our product competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets simultaneously. The Teamcenter system has enabled the company to share and use multiple types of CAD data and has improved productivity and efficiency.


Using NX, company cuts tool design time in half

Automotive supplier realizes significant productivity gains, a 25 percent cost savings in product development and a 40 percent reduction in rework time”. NX is user friendly and easy to understand.”


Comfort design - DENSO Thermal Systems

With NX, the digital development of the product goes beyond individual and department productivity and ensures a collaborative approach. Using NX and Teamcenter, we are able to manage projects in a safe way because information is traceable. We are also able to exchange and share product and project information with suppliers and clients virtually, from style and ergonomics data to the product structure. We manage important data such as technical changes and bills of material using Teamcenter as well. This solution makes it possible to re-use engineering knowledge and promotes collaboration.


Innovating in a business that never stands still

Fontaine Trailer uses NX to deliver exceptional customer Value. We sometimes use NX differently than intended, but there is always a way to make NX accomplish what you want it to do. Especially for Nonengineering people, there’s a huge benefit to having a digital solid model for design reviews. With NX assembly modeling we can quickly determine how changes in the design affect the weight of the finished product.


Single source of product data facilitates regulatory compliance

PLM implementation increases efficiency and flexibility, improving fulfillment of customer requirements and regulatory compliance.This solution provides many benefits to Bausch+Stroebel. Processes are more streamlined. CAD models are more detailed and more precise.


PLM solutions protect corporate knowledge and speed mold development

“The knowledge re-use made possible by using Teamcenter with NX has raised design efficiency by 30 to 40 percent. In addition, our knowledge base has become a high value-added corporate asset.”


Swiss machining specialist significantly cuts costs and saves time using highly integrated CAD/CAE/CAM technology featuring synchronous technology

The 3D models ultimately make their way to Urs Stettler, who is responsible for the manufacture of micromechanical products at Cendres+Métaux. A large machine shop with 3- to 5-axis milling and turning machines is available for production at the site in Biel.


Mold specialist streamlines design and engages customers with NX

Investment in better engineering for greater customer satisfaction. NX was the most suitable software because it easily imported the mold files and designers were able to work with them in a better and easier way. With NX, it has been possible to take advantage of the most powerful NX tools. With new and improved tools, we have significantly reduced errors as compared to the previous software, and our clients are more engaged.


NX helps industrial design firm shorten product development process by 43 percent

Use of NX enables Nova  Design to enhance its “design knowledge management system” .Using the advanced capabilities of NX, the firm’s designers are able to choose from or combine various parametric and non-para-metric features with better flexibility and efficiency according to subject matter, whether designing auto bodies, interiors, show cars, simulated light vehicles or motorcycle structures.


Mahindra rises with digitally planned new vehicle manufacturing facility

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Limited (Mahindra Vehicles) uses Tecnomatix to establish a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing plant“ The Tecnomatix solution...offers a full range of digital manufacturing tools that serve our needs. The simulation helped to identify bottlenecks, and verify the robustness of the selected option. Implementing Tecnomatix portfolio enabled a 25 percent reduction in the green field plant setup time, a 28 percent improvement in effective working time. We have defined a workflow using Teamcenter to classify our existing and new tools by part number, so that eventually we will have a structured library of tools across the Mahindra automotive sector.”


Matrix Tools and Solutions improves quality and reduces design time with Siemens PLM Software solutions

NX helps Matrix gain customer confidence in tooling made in India. NX is user-friendly and powerful, and with it we can train new users quickly and easily and complete the product design stage significantly faster. We have realized time savings and productivity gains of up to 50 percent compared to 2D methods, and similar quality improvements. Our use of NX has helped build the reputation of our research and development team, and attracted many new customers from overseas as a result.


From spark plugs to adaptive cruise control

“ We have come to recognize the multi-site solution of Teamcenter as a very good, high-performance tool. We value it as the best system available on the market for us.”


Wayne Taylor Racing scores major success in GRAND-AM racing

Professional sports car racing team uses NX for competitive edge. NX also helps us increase race car performance in the design of anti-roll bars and damper components, and gain a competitive advantage during pit stops by helping us design wheel gun sockets, a quick-change rear valance, and the new driver blower disconnect system.


Die maker seeks competitive advantage through business transformation

The 3D advantages of NX and the automation achieved with NX Progressive Die Wizard let Wiegel Tool Works deliver quality and innovation with shorter lead times. Only NX really addressed the issue of speeding die design and truly addressing die complexity. Progressive Die Wizard features enable WTW to fine-tune a strip layout to use the least material as possible. On their first use of NX and Progressive Die Wizard they reduced design time by 33 percent.The company has realized a business transformation that has resulted in happier customers, more business and improved profitability.


Siemens PLM Software enables Black Diamond to reach the summit

NX CAD is the core of everything we do. We use it for everything, from high-end surfacing all the way down to production drawings. NX has worked well for us because surfacing, form and sculpting are native in the package. As we sculpt these products to look beautiful, at the same time we are working out the engineering.


Ship design and modernization with NX CAD

A4 Construction Design Office develops shipbuilding and ship maintenance proj-ects including new ship design, ship retrofitting, conversion and reclassifica-tion. The company has secured significant competitive advantage through its advanced computer-aided (NX)design technologies.


Doosan Engine enhances 3D design capabilities and improves efficiency with Siemens PLM Software solutions

Doosan Engine’s decision to adopt Teamcenter was based on several factors, including future upgrade plans, project execution capabilities, tight linkage with the NX CAD system, and advantages for PLM operation in the long term.With the successful deployment of Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter and NX solu-tions, Doosan Engine was able to unify and manage the CAD/BOM structure.


High-value engineering with a focus on quality

With reliable CAE software and experienced engineers, Femto helps customers innovate efficiently. We find it important that we keep innovating and making sure the quality we provide is continually at its best. We are able to focus on using sophisticated simulation software and present solutions in an interactive, comprehensive manner. This specialized approach has helped us win alongside Siemens PLM Software.


Gdansk University of Technology uses Siemens PLM Software solution to teach cutting-edge skills in boat design

University uses NX to shine in solar boat competition and make students more attractive to potential employers.Among the comprehensive capabilities of NX are powerful solutions for creating conceptual designs, 3D modeling and documentation development. Moreover, the software enables its users to create interdisciplinary simulations for analyses of the structure, motion, thermal proper-ties, flow and multiphysics.


Land Rover BAR uses Siemens PLM Software to help develop a race boat for the 2017 America’s Cup

Siemens PLM Software solution enables complex design and analysis to help optimize  sailboat performance for one  of the world’s most revered sailing prizes.By annotating 3D models with NX PMI
(product and manufacturing information) mark-ups, the design team can convey the exact manufacturing requirements of a  3D model to downstream partners. This detailed guidance is carried through to drawings for suppliers who require 2D data.


Optimizing 50 years of yacht-building expertise with Siemens PLM Software portfolio

Siemens PLM Software provides ongoing technical support and guidance as required, for example, assisting with a major upgrade of the company’s database and working with Princess to review and improve in-house skill levels and working practices. Siemens PLM Software also delivered customized training that enabled everyone to follow consistent methods of design.


Delivering maximum functionality in minimum space

To meet these design challenges, acceler-ate the product development cycle and reduce the use of physical prototypes, the company decided to make the transition to 3D design. In 1999, the company adopted NX™ software.The change management strengths of Teamcenter provide Antonio Carraro with extraordinary benefits over its former process.


Digital manufacturing tools support a world leader in a growing market

As demand in the semiconductor industry is cyclical, ASML must continuously adjust its production capacity to meet the requirements of the market. This is a sophisticated process that involves fore-casting demand, setting detailed output plans and aligning with a large and  complex supply chain. This process also involves the use of the Plant Simulation solution in the Tecnomatix® portfolio.


Teamcenter provides a platform for integrated design development

Teamcenter and NX help Avcon Controls streamline processes and optimize use of resources.In 2012, Avcon adopted NX™ software from product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist Siemens PLM Software as its product development system. The company purchased multiple licenses of NX that are shared by various designers and engineers at its three locations. Avcon personnel in the tool manufacturing shop in Mumbai and in the design and manufac-turing plant in Pune were frequently competing for access to the software while licenses at the headquarters location were idle. Avcon sought to improve license usage to balance the demand for NX design, engineering and manufacturing functions.


Integration of Solid Edge and NX CAM reduces noncompliance caused by design and manufacturing errors by 70 percent

As the number of numerical control (NC) tools increased in 2011 and 2012, it became clear that shopfloor programing was no longer an option. After considering several competing CAM solutions, Diakont selected NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software.NX was chosen primarily because its CAM functionality takes greater advantage of the capabilities of the company’s NC machine tools compared to competing solutions.


Injection molding tool maker saves time, enhances quality and eliminates errors

In the past, customers typically provided Haidlmair with a drawing of the parts that needed to be molded. Part of Haidlmair’s success can be attributed to the early adoption of computer-aided design (CAD) with 3D modeling technology, using NX™ software, a comprehensive and integrated CAD, computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system from Siemens PLM Software.