“Drawing is the language of engineers” a line engineers are told when they begin their engineering classes. It is now a common knowledge that a 2D drawing is a language with many “communication gaps” due to notes and annotations used in the drawings, angle of projections and conventions used. 3D CAD data is now become industry standard for communication. 3D CAD gives advantages of complete communication, better visualization, availability of data for CAM & CAE, accuracy in assemblies and BOM.

As a progressive engineering company, you may already be using a 3D CAD tool. You however may not be getting the required efficiency or support. You may be facing manpower issues or may be experiencing lower ROI on your 3D CAD. The choice of the 3D CAD and the partner supporting you play a very important role in ensuring proper implementation of the language for engineering communication.

CAD technology from Siemens PLM Software delivers next-generation design tools and technologies that help companies transform product development. Leading-edge design tools work in the context of the total development effort, fully integrating design with the other disciplines that bring products to market in a unified, managed environment. CAD tools from Siemens PLM are superior in power, versatility, flexibility and productivity and deliver breakthrough technology that set new standards for speed, performance, and ease of use.

3D Engineering Solutions team has high level of CAD expertise both with NX and Solid Edge which goes beyond the basic use of the software. If you are considering investing in 3D CAD, give us a call. You will experience that when 3D Engineering Implements your CAD, you get a lot more...

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