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  • Today's¬†automotive¬†industry is affected by many trends. Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labor and capital.

  • Manufacturing processes improve. Technologies evolve. Our preferences as consumers move on. Yet throughout all these developments in the automotive industry, one thing remains - the importance of safe and sustainable mobility for all stakeholders.

  • The future of the automotive and transportation industry will be integrated, on-demand, personalized and autonomous.

  • In the automotive manufacturing sector, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive suppliers look for a partner with extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience. A partner who can provide a single source of interdisciplinary expertise throughout the entire automotive value chain from conceptualization to distribution Digitalization for the Automotive and Transportation Industry Incredible digital transformations driven by autonomous driving, shared mobility, connectivity and electrification are causing automakers and suppliers to fundamentally change vehicle technologies and how they realize innovation. Today's vehicle systems and components require more interaction, forcing integration of mechanical, software and electronic systems development. Our Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions advance the digitalization of vehicle development.

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Automotive & Transportation